Introduction to the course

How to write a novel:
The First-Time Author's Course

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably set your mind to writing a novel. And if you’re anything like myself, you haven’t got a single clue where to begin. Worry not, that’s perfectly natural. It’s how we all got started.

In this free online course, I’ll take you from having barely written at all, to crafting entire storyworlds out of thin air. It’s designed for anyone who’s every played with the idea of writing a book, and doesn’t require any previous experience. By the end, you’ll have all the essentials for writing an engaging novel — and be well on your way to seeing your own name on a bookshelf.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Setting the right habits
    Everything I wish I’d known when I first started writing
  • Writing your first chapters
    Overcoming the nightmare that is an empty page
  • Creating compelling characters
    Writing three-dimensional characters that don’t suck
  • Finding your writing style
    Putting words to paper that you’ll dare show to others

The course is a mix of written lessons, short animated videos and a number of assignments for you to do at home. It can be taken at whatever pace works best for you, and is designed specifically to fit into that hectic life of yours.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to have a story idea?
    You don’t! This course is for anyone who’s ever played with the idea of writing a novel — we’ve got you covered from there.
  • I’ve already started writing. Can I still take this course?
    Absolutely! It works great as a refresher, too.
  • What if I need any personal advice?
    I’ve set up a Facebook writer’s group just for you.
  • Why is this course free? What’s the catch?
    The short answer: karma points. For much of my early writing days, I’ve been greatly helped by fellow writers sharing their knowledge online — so this is my attempt at paying it forward.


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Creator of Nearly Complete and author of Dav Iven. Very fond of semicolons.

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Creator of Nearly Complete and author of Dav Iven. Very fond of semicolons.

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