How To Write A Novel: The First-Time Author's Course

Wrapping up the course
(and where to go from here)

Hey, you, behind that screen. Guess what. You’re a writer now.

In fact, you’re now further along than 99% of all people who’ve ever thought of writing a novel — because rather than just dream about it, you sat down and actually made shit happen. That’s an incredible feat, and you’ll be forever incredible for having made it this far.

Of course, your writing journey doesn’t end here. Improving as an author is a race that has no finish line, and there’s plenty more learning to be done. You have the beginnings of your novel now, and what you do with it is up to you. Build on it, revise it, throw it out: do what feels best to you.

Whatever it is, I hope you’ll allow yourself to be flawed and imperfect, and always remember that you can’t edit an empty page. I hope you’ll know to follow the rules when they help you out, and break them whenever you feel like they don’t. I hope you’ll stay humble and curious and patient, and always lift up your fellow writers rather than put them down. But most of all, I hope you’ll see writing for the amazing journey it can be, and keep at it for a lifetime to come.

Until that time, I’d love to get your feedback on how this course has been for you — just get in touch at There are many more things to teach and I have big plans for the future, so please stick around and spread the word to anyone you think might benefit from this course. And last: the writer’s group is where I’ll first share future announcements, so I hope to see much more of you there.

For now, thanks for joining along for the ride, and all the best on your writing!


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